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What do you think about most of the time? Do you think about your dream practice? Do you think about how you need to get more clients? Do you think about ways to expand? Do you think about how you’re going to pay the rent? Do you think about becoming a future Massage Hall ofContinue Reading

The reason why I have been spending so much time talking about websites and logos is that they are standard credibility builders. There are certain minimum requirements to establish credibility in the marketplace. Among them are a logo, an email address, a website, business cards, your credentials, and testimonials. I have pretty much beaten aContinue Reading

By now, you know that I was a graphic designer for close to 3 decades before I entered the wonderful world of massage. So appearances are very important to me–so important, that I had to do my own design work. Now, I am not a web designer, I only have an eye for what IContinue Reading

I said in an earlier post that personal brand is about much more than your appearance. Many think of one’s logo when they think of branding. So in that post, I spoke of the elements of branding, the “Who and Do What” statement and the “Why I Do It” statement. Now I am going toContinue Reading

The reason for having a website is to start a marketing conversation. Look at your website, does it make that conversation possible? Does it have information on how the prospect can contact you? That is good. Now answer this: does it leave a way for you to contact the prospect? So many people build theirContinue Reading

I was speaking to a young massage therapist the other day who works for a franchise massage clinic. This therapist told me that the counter staff had authority over the therapists, and that the therapists were responsible for not only doing back-to-back massages, but also all janitorial duties in this chain clinic. The manager keepsContinue Reading

I was having a wonderful Facebook chat conversation last night with one of the members of the Growing Practice fan page. We were going into some very deep ideas, and out of this chat came some very profound insights into the heart of the massage therapist. We are very giving of ourselves. Sometimes, we mightContinue Reading

CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!! This contest is for Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists and(/or) JFB-MFR Therapists ONLY! (Sorry, Coaches, but you probably already know the answer) There are 8 keys to being successful in selling your services. In random order, they are: Price, Knowledge, Testimonials, Confidence, Authenticity, Skill, Energy & Enthusiasm. The first person to post theContinue Reading

Today, I’m going to focus on YOU. In almost every case, the only thing between our success and the status quo is ourselves. I say “ourselves” because I’m talking to myself as much as to you. Most often, what stops us in our tracks is one of four energy blocks. (To understand more about energy,Continue Reading

Today, I’m going to talk about standard credibility builders. By standard, I mean those very minimal things that potential clients look for. If these things are not in place, you run the risk of looking less than professional. Your Website It is essential that you have a website. But there are different levels of websites.Continue Reading