Quicksand: Blazing Saddles Revisited

It is so easy to fall into the quagmire of a dry spell. Much like quicksand, they suck you in and immobilize you. As you get deeper into them, they smother your drive, your ambition, and and ability to move in ANY direction. I speak here from experience. I’ve been in and out of dryContinue Reading


NOTE: I originally wrote this in August of last year and posted it on my other blog, “Fascial Voice.” We hear so often the term, “centering”. I think that most people now know that they need to be “centered”, but so few know what this means. Perhaps the best way to explain for deeper understandingContinue Reading

Storytelling—Part II

In my last post, I asked that you share your incredible stories. Since writing the post, I read something that has inspired me to take this a few steps further. We all have incredible stories of how our work dramatically impacted the life of one of our clients. For example, I have a story ofContinue Reading

The Power of Storytelling

If I were to ask you what you did for a living, you might tell me that you massage people, or that you do myofascial release, or that you are an acupuncturist or a health coach. Then, if I were to ask what you do, you might tell me that you work knots out ofContinue Reading


What is fulfillment? Is it a goal? Is it the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Is it the reward at the end of a long journey? Can we attain it? As long as we see fulfillment as a goal, we will never know it. We can’t grasp it, but we canContinue Reading

On Being “Stuck”

Everyone of us gets to a place of being “stuck.” Now, I couldn’t be writing about it unless it has happened to me. And it’s happened to me many times. “Stuck” feels like you’re at a complete standstill with your feet set in cement. You know that you have to move forward just to payContinue Reading

Fear, The Only True Obstacle

What would it take for you to be fearless? What would your life look like if fears didn’t hold you back? Please keep these thoughts on the back burner as you read this post. Fear, worry, doubt all keep us from reaching our potential. They paralyze us, keeping us from action. Or, if we areContinue Reading

Our Energy, Our Lives—Part One

We are energetic beings. We live in an energetic universe. Those of us that have done energy work know of its power to effect change. Not long ago, my wife had her hip replaced. She was still draining a couple weeks post-op. The doctor told her that if she didn’t stop draining by the timeContinue Reading

Goal Setting Part 5: The Big Step

The biggest step in goal setting is the smallest step. The smallest step is also the most significant, for without it, there is no attainment of the big goals. What is the Big Step? The first step! You have all heard, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” So what is thisContinue Reading

Goal Setting Part 4: The Big Reach

Everything of substance that mankind has ever created began the same way. First there was the idea, then the vision, and finally the plan. Every building, every bridge, every book, every painting, every musical masterpiece has the same genesis. Likewise, so has every enduring business. The Big Reach is about planning. As mentioned in earlierContinue Reading