Business Growth: What’s Stopping You?

Today, I’m going to focus on YOU. In almost every case, the only thing between our success and the status quo is ourselves. I say “ourselves” because I’m talking to myself as much as to you. Most often, what stops us in our tracks is one of four energy blocks. (To understand more about energy, as it is referred to here, see my entry in The Fascial Voice, my other blog, entitled “Levels of Energy from Small to Large“) These energy blocks have the acronym “GAIL”. They stand for Gremlin, Assumption, Interpretation and Limiting belief. They are listed in the order of their power over you. Because of that, I’m going to start with the weakest first.

Limiting Beliefs

A limiting belief is “Something that you accept about life, about yourself, about your world, or about the people in it, that limits you in some way” (the definition of this and the three other energy blocks is courtesy the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, or iPEC). Limiting beliefs are usually cultural in origin. An example would be the 4-minute mile. Until May 6, 1954, it was common knowlege that it was an impossibility. Then Roger Bannister broke that barrier. Before the Wright Brothers, it was known that human flight was a fantasy reserved for Jules Verne novels. And at one time, all humanity knew the world was flat. I once had a limiting belief as a male massage therapist that I could not be as successful in this female-dominated field. What beliefs are holding you back?


An Interpretation is “An opinion or judgment that you create about an event, situation, person, or experience and believe it to be true”. Just last night, I watched the Marx Brothers’ “Duck Soup”. There was a scene where Rufus T. Firefly, played by Groucho imagined an offense and started a war. He played out both sides of a conversation until he was incensed with his rival, who upon entering the room was met with Groucho’s glove to his face. We all do this. Someone facial expression leaves us feeling that the person is mad at us; someone doesn’t call us back, and we think the worst. In almost every case, when the truth is learned, it had no likeness to what we imagined. And that is the key word: “imagined”. For those familiar with the Law of Attraction, it is known that what we imagine, we create. Think about it. When has the very thing you obsessed about come about? It is because what we think about most of the time actually will come into our lives. Interpretations are so dangerous for the service provider because if we act on our insecurities, we can drive away the very people we are hoping to serve.


An Assumption is, “An expectation that, because something has happened in the past, it will happen again”. How many have you not moved forward with a marketing idea because in the past something similar didn’t work? How many times have you not made that follow-up call because in the past you got less than positive results. Perhaps you are afraid of speaking to groups because of the time you tried and your mind went blank. Our fears tell us that because it happened once, it will happen again.


This is the most insidious of all the energy blocks, because this one has a voice. It is the “inner critic that tells you, in one way or another, that you’re not good enough”. This is the part of us that is always chattering away hammering us down. “You’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, tall enough, short enough . . .” Because the gremlin has a voice, we don’t distinguish its chatter from ourselves. Ekhart Tolle calls it the “Pain Body”, or the ego. Usually, the gremlin has its origin in the messages we heard growing up. Long after the person who first gave us that message is no longer speaking, we continue to punish ourselves. One anonymous sage said, “If we were to treat our friends the way we treat ourselves, we’d all be in jail”.

The four energy blocks are our greatest obstacles to our success. As long as we look outside ourselves for the cause of our limited success, we are doomed to mediocrity and the status quo. It is essential that we take responsibility for where we are today, and also for where we want to be tomorrow. It is entirely in our hands. Take some time to reflect on the four energy blocks. Which of them has impacted you the most? How do they reveal themselves: in your excuses? blaming others? justifying your limitations? Decide today that you will shed any belief that doesn’t align with your empowerment and success.

The coaching process is wonderful for becoming more than you ever dreamed possible. As a Core Energy Coach, I will not only help you move forward with daily actions that help you achieve your goals, I will help you break down the resistance of the energy blocks; I will help you identify and work with your core emotional energy to become optimal; help you address your core thoughts; and ultimately address your levels of consciousness. This is why I say that I help you work not only on your business, but yourself.

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  1. Shelley says:

    Great post. The description of the GAILs can apply to anything in our lives and we have to be so careful to make sure that we don’t let them get in our way of getting what we want out of life.

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