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The essence of what I’ve been talking about in these past few posts is that it’s crucial that you get something from a visitor to your site. Most professionals build a website that is a billboard or a brochure. They hope that someone reading will call and make an appointment. But think about how youContinue Reading

Today, I’m going to talk about standard credibility builders. By standard, I mean those very minimal things that potential clients look for. If these things are not in place, you run the risk of looking less than professional. Your Website It is essential that you have a website. But there are different levels of websites.Continue Reading

Almost everything you hear about marketing your business focuses on tactics. What I mean by this is they talk about individual actions that will move you forward: Write an article, follow up with old clients, etc. While these things are essential for growing your business, they all have short-term results. For business growth and sustainability,Continue Reading