Fear, The Only True Obstacle

What would it take for you to be fearless? What would your life look like if fears didn’t hold you back? Please keep these thoughts on the back burner as you read this post.

Fear, worry, doubt all keep us from reaching our potential. They paralyze us, keeping us from action. Or, if we are in action, they keep us from those actions that will best serve us. Most of the people I speak to about their businesses have some fear that is holding them back. Fear of rejection keeps them from picking up the phone and calling a long-lost former client. Fear keeps them from making cold and warm calls. Fear keeps them from reaching out to centers of influence in the community.

This same fear leads them to doing marketing actions that have less emotional risk. For example, it is easier to purchase advertising than it is to pick up the phone. It is easier to build a web site (“build it and they will come”), than it is to visit doctors, chiropractors, PTs and other professionals to build referral relationships.

What is interesting is that those things we fear most are the things that are most effective in gaining new clients. People buy from those they know, like and trust. How can someone know you, like you, or trust you from something they read? They have to talk to you, meet you, feel your touch. But to get closer to the prospect has its risks, and this is what we fear. Direct contact is much more effective than advertising. It is also a lot less expensive.

What are the rewards for facing our fears and pushing through them? For the answer to this question, let’s look at athletes. We just finished with the Winter Olympics. How can someone ski jump, slalom, do the half-pipe, or do aerial skiing while listening to their fears? Do you think that any one of those athletes didn’t have fear when they were gaining their skill and experience? Of course they had fear. But only those who pushed through that fear had a chance to compete for the prize.

An equivalent prize in our field is a spot in the Massage Hall of Fame. Inductees are all people like you or I who have pushed through their fears and built practices that expanded beyond the four walls of a treatment room. They have all done great things because they didn’t listen to their fears, but rather they listened to their goals. Everyone one of us can achieve greatness in this profession. With this greatness comes many rewards, the greatest of which is the ability to help far more people in our lifetimes than we can physically treat. John Barnes, Ben Benjamin, Erik Dalton have all touched the lives of thousands that they’ve never seen. They do so vicariously through the therapists they’ve trained. This can be your destiny also.

There is only one obstacle to this destiny: your fear. But fear is a liar. What we fear doesn’t exist when we fear it. If what we fear comes to pass, it is because we created it by fearing it. Fear is a creative process, as is all thought! Actually, it is imagination that is the creative process. But what is fear? Negative imagination! The more time we spend imagining something, the more creative energy we give to it. But when we are fearing something, it doesn’t exist yet. It is a lie we are telling ourselves. Worry is remembering something bad that hasn’t happened yet!

So the only thing that is true about fear is that it is our only obstacle to success. Those that conquer fear by facing it, by not heeding it, by not listening to its lies, by pressing forward; these are the ones that find incredible accomplishment. Those who face their fears and press forward are the ones who realize that the obstacle was no more than a smoke screen. To the courageous, there is no limit.

What would it take for you to be fearless? What would your life look like if fears didn’t hold you back?

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EDITOR’S NOTE: In my last post, I started a series: “Your Energy, Your Life”, and promised that my next post would continue this series. I apologize to my readers for the delay. Today, instead of continuing the series, I had to share these insights, because I have experienced fearless living in the past two weeks, and have reaped rewards beyond anything I could have ever imagined–WH

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  1. This article really touches the soul. Great read!

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