Goal Setting Part 2: The Big Why

Just recently, Sid Duncan of Massage Magazine posted this question, “What priority should money be in a Massage Practice?” It sparked a wonderful thread with close to 50 responses. Some talked about how money has to be the number one priority because we have to pay bills. Others thought that care of the client should be our main priority. For the most part, the respondents were divided into these two camps.

Let me propose a different answer by asking a different question: What is the biggest reason you have for being a massage therapist in business for yourself? This is the Big Why. There may be many little whys, such as paying the rent, supporting your family, wanting to be in business for yourself. But what is the Big Why?

A bigger why would be to give pain relief to your clients, or to serve others. But I challenge you to have an even bigger why. If it is service of others, how many others? If you limit yourself to how many people you can massage in a week, how big is that why? I challenge you to think even bigger. Those in our industry who serve the most people, by some strange coincidence are making the most money. If you were to ask them why they do it, they would most likely NOT say for the money. These people, in addition to having their own private clients, have people working for them, are teaching, and are writing.

One might say, “My Big Why is to bring to the world the modality that I believe will make the most difference in pain relief.” Another might say, “My Big Why is to train the next generation of massage therapists, so that we can raise the standard of care and the reputation of the profession.” Another might say, “My Big Why is to show other massage therapists how they may be successful in their profession, and have long prosperous career.”

Many of you have already heard me describe your dream practice. Some of the descriptions were wonderful! I love it when people think big. But that big dream must be fueled by a Big Why, one that describes the reason why you’re on this planet. If there was one thing that you had to do in this life to make your life meaningful through the touching of many other lives, what would it be? The Big Why is why you are here.

I challenge you to discover your Big Why. Then make it bigger. Then, if you can, make it bigger still. The bigger your why, the more lives you will touch, and the more meaningful the next step in goal setting will be.

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