Goal Setting Part 3: The Big Dream

Once you know your Big Why, it is time to THINK BIG! What does your dream practice look like? Most people answer this in terms of how many sessions they’re doing. So let’s explore that first. Let’s say that your big dream is to be doing 30 sessions a week. How long could you sustain that physically? There is a physical limit to how much you can grow your practice by just increasing the amount of work you do. Growing your business only by increasing the sessions you do limits your growth in two ways: 1) your physical limitations; 2) only you can do the work. So if something happens to you, your business is not making any revenue.

So, when you dream of a bigger practice you will need to think not in terms of upward growth (increasing sessions you can do), but outward growth (increasing the number of sessions your practice does). This is how you are able to serve more people, without chaining you to your business. You are serving not only those who receive the treatments, but you’re also serving those that you hire. You’re providing them a work environment where their contribution is honored and respected. They are getting experience and training and mentorship. The profession as a whole has benefited.

Most of us will say that we are not doing this for the money. I would be leery of a therapist whose only concern IS money. However, when we focus on serving as many people as possible, money is the by-product. The more people we serve, the more money we earn. When we are in a position of having more money than we need to meet all our expenses, we are also in a position to give back to the community. How many massage practices are able to conduct a free clinic for those in their community that cannot afford alternative health care?

So again, it is time to THINK BIG! What does your dream practice look like? First, what does your office look like? Picture the reception area. What color are the walls? How is it decorated? How many treatment rooms do you have? How many therapists? How about a classroom? How many sessions is the practice doing as a whole? How many are you doing? How much do you, the master, charge for your sessions? How often are you able to travel to exotic places to get training? Imagine yourself going to Hawaii to learn Lomi Lomi, or Thailand, or Costa Rica . . . DREAM BIG!

When you can see your dream practice, and feel what it is like to have it, you’re ready for the next step in goal setting. Are you ready?

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  1. Eileen says:

    Dreaming Big alright! would be great to travel to gain experience and train future staff! thanks for the encouragement and inspiration!! :-)

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