Goal Setting Part 4: The Big Reach

Everything of substance that mankind has ever created began the same way. First there was the idea, then the vision, and finally the plan. Every building, every bridge, every book, every painting, every musical masterpiece has the same genesis. Likewise, so has every enduring business. The Big Reach is about planning. As mentioned in earlier posts, a lot of big thinking goes into goal-setting. Now it is time to take a thought and transform it into substance.

Manifestation of our big ideas is our responsibility. Yes, the Universe provides the opportunities, the resources, the wherewithal. But we provide the willingness to do anything and everything to solidify the dream. I almost typed, “make the dream a reality” but stopped myself. Why? Because the moment we dream it and choose to manifest what we dream, in other words, the moment we have faith that we hold what we dream, it IS real. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen”.

How does it become? Through planning. First, we take our Big Dream and describe it. Then we work our way backwards. If the Big Dream is to be real in 5 years, what has to happen in 3? In 1? Six months from now? One month? Our one month plan has to stretch us. It has to easy enough to be do-able, but difficult enough to move us toward our Big Dream. It has to be a Big Reach.

This point of planning requires that you know where you are now, and where you want to be a month from now. But you also always have before you where you ultimately want to be. You are like a builder on site on the first day of constructing a skyscraper. You have your plans before you. You know that if you do what you need to do today, according to plan, you will be able to do tomorrow’s plan, and so on. But the vision of the completed building is with you every single day, especially before the first bucket of concrete has been poured.

So the introspection to learn the Big Why, and the imagining you did to come to the Big Dream was crucial to the drafting of your Big Reach. Are you ready to take the next step?

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