Holistic Growth for the Holistic Practitioner

Almost everything you hear about marketing your business focuses on tactics. What I mean by this is they talk about individual actions that will move you forward: Write an article, follow up with old clients, etc. While these things are essential for growing your business, they all have short-term results.

For business growth and sustainability, it is crucial to approach your business strategically. This means using a system that lays down a foundation, then builds trust and credibility, and then uses tactics to establish a relationship with clients with whom you will build trust over time. This the Book Yourself Solid way.

The Growing Practice takes this even further:

We realize that most everyone has internal blocks to their success. These are limiting beliefs that keep us stuck and hinder our growth. Core energy coaching helps you identify those beliefs and adopt beliefs that better serve you.

By working on you, The Growing Practice helps accelerate the effectiveness of the strategies you implement. But there is more: the coaching process not only works on removing those beliefs that hinder you, it also helps you identify the Ideal You. Imagine what it would be like to not only have the ideal business, but the Ideal You also.

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. We will always have new information for the furtherance of your goals, your practice and your life.

Woody Haiken

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