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Book Yourself Solid® Programs

Book Yourself Solid is the most effective approach to long-term business growth. We offer it as individual modules, and as a 16-week intensive program. It is also offered in our Growth Packages.

Module One: ($799)
Your Foundation

Being booked solid requires a solid foundation for your marketing system, which allows you to:


Module Two: ($799)
Build Trust and Credibility

Once you have a solid foundation, it’s vital that you establish yourself as a credible and trusted professional in to your target market. Book Yourself Solid shows you how to stand out from the crowd by:

Module Three: ($799)
7 Self-Promotion Strategies

Book Yourself Solid's seven core self-promotion strategies make the most of your time, money and energy—all things you’ll want when your efforts start paying off! Book Yourself Solid offers an easy-to-implement roadmap for building a rock-solid:

16-Week Intensive ($2249)

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