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Get Clients Now!(TM) Group Seminar Scheduled!

The next Get Clients Now!(TM) seminar has been scheduled to start April 19, 2010. This 3-hour seminar spans two weeks, and is given via Maestro Conference in 2 90-minute segments.

The Seminar is based on CJ Hayden's book "Get Clients Now!", which is required for the course, and is available from

In the seminar, you will learn:

You will receive homework, and will be given e-mail feedback on your action plan.

Get Clients Now! Seminar Plus 28-Day Coaching Program

The entire program normally sells for $299,
As a member of our list, you can get the Seminar plus coaching for only $199. You must hurry, classes are limited in size.

Get Clients Now! Seminar
Plus 28-Day Coaching Program $199