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When I signed up for Woody's class on Get Clients Now, I was a brand new therapist with zero clients.  Not only was I new to starting my own business, I had no clue where to start, or which techniques would be most effective.  After my first meeting, I already had a well designed plan on where to begin and what strategies I was going to use.  I went away with some great new ideas and I began to think outside the box on marketing.  Woody also stressed the importance of setting specific goals in order to know how to reach them.  Before the class I had estimated goals, but I left our first class with specific numbers I wanted to accomplish by the end of the seminar!  Within the first week of practicing my new business strategies, I have collected 8 new clients and I still have 3 days to increase that number even more.  I am sure that continuing these guidelines throughout my practice, I will reach my goals and even surpass them!  The training does not end at the seminars.  Woody is always available to help you through your questions and concerns.  He gives you great ideas and gives you the confidence to face your weaknesses in building your own business.  Thanks Woody for all of your advice and support!

Allison B, Massage Therapist


I highly recommend the Get Clients Now program to any therapist that owns their own practice, whether they are just starting out or have been in business for 20+ years.  I am currently enrolled in the program and now I am finally EXCITED about marketing!  I have a 2-year successful massage practice and am venturing into a new aspect of my business. The program has all of my new business thoughts and ideas ORGANIZED and I am no longer overwhelmed on what to do first in getting the new piece of my business going.  The Get Clients Now program is so easy to follow and is anything but boring.  I am looking forward to the coming weeks when I begin to implement the marketing actions I laid out for myself with the guidance of this program.  I can even see now how this program can be repeated over and over to continue developing more and more business.  Thank you Woody for all your continuous support.

Jessica K., Massage Therapist


I recently took one of Woody's free teleconference classes on Get Clients Now, I figured, what did I have to loose? its free! After being in the class, i felt more enthusiasm for actually getting out there and marketing myself, and eventhough I had a business in NYC and marketed it well there, I felt I still had a LOT to learn about successfully marketing myself. I signed up for the series of classes! Woody's input and experience is really helping me be more structured and focused on my target market and also the goals and future of my business. Now i am seeing an even BIGGER picture of how i would like EarthySoul to be, Thank you! Looking forward to the results!

Eileen T, Massage Therapist