Marketing Essentials: Your Logo

I said in an earlier post that personal brand is about much more than your appearance. Many think of one’s logo when they think of branding. So in that post, I spoke of the elements of branding, the “Who and Do What” statement and the “Why I Do It” statement. Now I am going to talk about your logo.

I was a graphic designer for 27 years. I have designed hundreds of logos in my lifetime. I mention this, not to brag, but rather to let you know that I know logos really well.

The first thing that someone is going to see when they visit your website is your logo. If you don’t have one, its absence can bring your credibility down a few notches. However, having a logo that is not professional in appearance can be even worse. Some logos look like someone used some scissors, cut out some artwork and scanned it. Some are low resolution and pixelated. Some are outright amateurish. If you do not have the skills to produce a professional logo, or access to someone who can, there are low-cost solutions. Please contact me about how I might be able to help you with your new logo.

Someone with a professional logo will immediately portray a bigger picture about themselves than what might be actually the case. With a well-done logo, you are describing your practice, and giving the visual for the branding message you wish to portray. With one glance,  someone opening your page has a subconscious sense of what you are all about. This goes both ways. Without a logo, your page is bland, and therefore your image. With a poor logo, the impression you portray is sloppy or amateurish. To be honest with you, I would never go live with a website until I have a logo ready.

What does it mean to have a logo ready? It must be in the proper file format. It must have the proper resolution. If your logo is going to be used in several mediums, such as print (your business card) and web, you need files that match both mediums. This is why you need it to be done by a graphic artist who knows all about file types and is able to produce the proper file for each particular purpose. A graphic artist will interview you, and get from you a sense of what you want. A GOOD graphic artist will also tell you if what you want is not practical or will not look good. Some logos are too complicated to work in execution. When I design logos for others, sometimes the winning logo is far from what the client envisioned. This is not to say that I ignored the client’s input. Much to contrary. I heard the core message the client wanted to portray. Then I produced the right design to portray that message. A good designer will tell you what won’t work as well as what will.

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