On Being “Stuck”

Everyone of us gets to a place of being “stuck.” Now, I couldn’t be writing about it unless it has happened to me. And it’s happened to me many times. “Stuck” feels like you’re at a complete standstill with your feet set in cement. You know that you have to move forward just to pay the bills, yet any movement feels impossible. All the things that need to be done are just piling up. You think of one thing to do, and all the other things start screaming for attention. The end result is that nothing gets done. You are overwhelmed. Self-condemnation sets in. This only helps to solidify the cement. What is the solution?

There is only one real solution to being stuck. It is so simple, yet so hard. Action. It is hard because when you are stuck, it is very hard to move. It is simple because all you have to do is do it. It is hard because you don’t feel like doing it. It is simple, because just doing ONE thing will start you moving.

Ever see a train move from a standstill? That first inch takes more energy than its second mile. It moves so, so slowly at first–yet an incredible amount of energy is going into moving that very slow inch. But if that first inch is not put behind the train, it will never get moving. The second inch is a little faster and easier, then the third, then the next foot, and twenty seconds later, the train is noticeably picking up speed. We are like this when we’re stuck. It is SO hard to move, but movement in the first inch makes the second one easier.

So, when you’re stuck, do something, anything! That will make the next thing easier. Make sure what you do at first is a little thing. Don’t tackle everything on your list–just something that you can tackle and accomplish. When you finish that one thing, the next thing will be easier. Before you know it, you’ll be in your second mile.

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