Our Mission: Why The Growing Practice Exists

I was speaking to a young massage therapist the other day who works for a franchise massage clinic. This therapist told me that the counter staff had authority over the therapists, and that the therapists were responsible for not only doing back-to-back massages, but also all janitorial duties in this chain clinic. The manager keeps them all in a state of fear for their jobs, and has them all convinced that they are in danger of dismissal for the slightest infraction. All this for $16 a massage. This particular therapist is usually booked 5 hours straight for deep tissue massage with no break.

Then I spoke to another colleague. She owns one of the most successful massage practices in the country. She was telling me that she gives her core staff 70% of the massage. The others therapists are paid 60%. She attributes her success to valuing her staff and everyone else she makes contact with.

The first practice will eventually fold. After all, if you keep firing your therapists, who will be left to do the massage. If you beat down your only profit center, how will you profit. The second practice is the vision I have for every therapist. It shows us that a 6-figure income is attainable in our profession. If it is done by one, it can be done by all.

You might say, well if everyone has a successful practice, there won’t be enough left for anybody. There are far more potential clients than there are massage therapists. You might say, I just want enough to get by, I’m happy being the size I am. However, the second massage therapist is in the position to mentor up-and-coming therapists because she has allowed herself to grow. She is cultivating quality in our profession by giving those who work for her maximum reward for their labor. By being big, she enables others to be big also.

I am hoping that through The Growing Practice I will inspire you to be big. I want to inspire you to be the therapist that steps up to the plate and builds a 6-figure business so that you can share your prosperity with your colleagues. I want you to think big so that young massage therapists, fresh out of school, will have a nurturing environment where they can grow themselves. By you being big, you raise the quality of our profession nationwide. By you being big, you bring to massage therapy in America something the massage chains cannot: quality, excellence and prosperity for the therapist.

6 Responses to Our Mission: Why The Growing Practice Exists

  1. Shelley says:

    Your post reminds me of the earth’s natural resources. If you don’t value your resources, they will dry up and be lost forever. Care for and nurture them and they will grow and so will you.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for this. I am thinking about this. I used to have a practice through a hospital , and had 3 other therapists working. Now it’s just me. But maybe I’d like to grow a larger practice again…..

  3. Susie says:

    I know a male massage therapist who says he would love to live somewhere that everyone is a massage therapist. He says then he would never have to talk people into getting a massage because everyone would know the value of massage and would always be looking for a good therapist.

  4. Julie says:

    I would love to see the low paying franchises go out of business but they just keep growing because massage therapists keep putting up with it all and taking the jobs in the first place because there either isn’t anything else out there or massage therapists don’t know how to find and create higher paying jobs.

    Just say no to low paying massage jobs…


  5. “I want you to think big so that young massage therapists, fresh out of school, will have a nurturing environment where they can grow themselves.”

    While not everyone will function well as a business owner, I think it is right for you to encourage younger and new therapists to “think big.” Sometimes I think that the altruistic attitude that accompanies someone dedicated to providing healing can compromise the attitude towards the inherent economic value of these services.

  6. As a business instructor at a Seattle based massage school, I always encourage my students to “think big” as it pertains their future in massage. However, one thing that I have definitely noticed is that not every student is as motivated to open a practice or own a business. So having a population of therapists invested in building larger employee based practices that can create good jobs for newer therapists is great for our profession and also give the corporate chains a run for their money.

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