Our tagline and what it means to You

“I help massage therapists grow their businesses and themselves,” or stated another way, “I help you grow your business and yourself”. There are two parts to my tagline–your business and yourself. Within this statement is my core philosophy. I believe that if you grow from within, everything in your external world will grow as well. So it is really that inner growth that I’m most interested in helping you with. Yes, I am a small business coach. But I became a small business coach because I believe that massage therapists are the people I am meant to serve, and to serve massage therapists, I must serve them through their businesses. So I learned the best practices for growing businesses. Then, within my interactions, I ask those wonderful empowering questions that touch on inner issues.

I want to help people think big. Then bigger. Then bigger still. If your business goal is to have enough sessions to pay the bills, at best, you will have enough sessions to pay the bills. But if your goal is to build your community’s first integrated wellness center, with enough revenue that you can also offer gratis work to those in your community who can’t afford alternative medicine, then you are thinking big. You see big thinking is not about lining your pockets, but about finding new ways to serve more people. Greater financial freedom is a byproduct, not the aim.

My aim in helping other massage therapists is that I see alternative medicine as the cure for our nation’s healthcare woes. Alternative medicine is preventative, rather than curative. It is holistic–it recognizes the mind-body connection (but you know all this). If we have prosperous therapists who are in a position to provide therapy to anyone in their community, then we are making a difference in healthcare. If we have prosperous therapists who are taking the new massage therapists that are entering the workplace in greater and greater numbers, and mentor them, then we are creating a higher caliber of therapist. I would much rather see them go into a massage practice where they can be taught and nurtured, rather than in a franchise chain, where they will be abused and exploited.

What do I mean by a prosperous massage therapist? I see prosperity as much more than money. Prosperity is having joy in what you do. Prosperity is giving massages, but feeling that it is play, not work. Prosperity is having clients that energize and inspire you. Prosperity is having life-work balance. So many people in business for themselves find that they are working for the business–it’s become another job. Prosperity is working on your business, not for it.

If you are not a prosperous therapist, by how I have defined it above, then what needs to change? Your thinking. Your goals. You. Stop blaming the economy. There are no outside forces that are keeping you small. It is small thinking that attracts the outside forces. The Law of Attraction is immutable–what you think about you bring about. By thinking bigger and aiming higher, you will become bigger and attain much more.

Back to my tagline: helping YOU grow is my true goal, and your business has no choice but to grow with you.

‘Til next time,


2 Responses to Our tagline and what it means to You

  1. Julie says:

    You sound like me!! I am always telling massage therapists that it isn’t the economy! The economy is doing what it is doing but your personal economy doesn’t have to be following it! There are so many things to be doing to promote your massage business.

    It is also about making money but it is making it without all of the ‘garbage’ attached to the idea of making money that everyone in the world has! I think the issue is that massage therapists think that because massage is so wonderful they should be paid to do it! On the other hand – what is it worth to help people feel like a million bucks! You can help others and be financially rewarded!!!


  2. Jayne Thomas says:

    “Prosperity is having joy in what you do.”

    Exactly! Everyone should tape paragraph 4 to an area that allows it to be reread everyday.

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