Standard Credibility Builders

The reason why I have been spending so much time talking about websites and logos is that they are standard credibility builders. There are certain minimum requirements to establish credibility in the marketplace. Among them are a logo, an email address, a website, business cards, your credentials, and testimonials. I have pretty much beaten a dead horse in my talk about websites, logos and email addresses. I probably will continue to do so as long as I see fellow therapists with their gmail email addresses, their poorly executed or non-existant logos, and unprofessional-looking websites. While it is understandable that money is tight, there are certain things that one must spend money on. Yes, I have been able to save myself a lot by doing these things myself–but one does not have to either spend a lot or even be a designer to present a professional appearance.

Among the above-listed credibility builders, I know I don’t have to speak much about testimonials. I’m sure everyone reading this has been collecting them all along. I have a testimonial page on my massage website. I pull from my collection for my brochure. They are gold. If you’re not collecting them, start now.

Your business card should not be the free one offered by Vistaprint that has the printer’s logo on the back. It should not be printed on your home printer, and separated by tearing along laser perfs. It should be printed on thicker stock, and it needs to have your logo. (Don’t have a logo yet?) Since with many people, this is the first thing they will receive from you, it must make a professional impression.

I know the world of web design, web hosting, emails, graphics and printing is foreign to most reading this. As massage therapists, we are most interested in giving of ourselves to bring comfort and pain relief to our clients. Our life is in the treatment room. It is because of this that I am offering a free tele class on the Standard Credibility Builders. I will give a little talk, and then open it up to questions. Those that are interested, please email me at I will be announcing the date and time this week.

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