Website Design Testimonials

merakiWoody Haiken helped me to recreate a whole new look to my website after I had struggled on my own to try and make it more accessible and useful. I was so relieved to have someone who had the experience building websites and someone who understood the computer language that I am lacking. He patiently guided me through hooking up with my host, my email and Facebook connections and taught me how to manage my site. I really appreciate the fact that I can monitor my pages on my own. That said, Woody assured me that if I have any issues working on my site alone I can contact him if I need any extra advise. I am relieved to know I have a trusted resource to go to if I need more help. Woody provided the customer service I needed to move to a higher level of business networking and I am very grateful.

Thanks Woody!!

Beth Desotelle
Meraki Massage (

brekkeWoody’s process, from conceptualization through publication of the web site, was amazing in every regard. His insights and suggestions for improvement drove me to a high standard and ultimately ensured a web site that I am very proud of. Woody kept me appraised on a weekly basis of his progress, and gently reminded me of items which he needed to complete the work. I truly appreciate his philosophy of “teaching me to fish,” and providing continuing ongoing support. With his assistance I am able to maintain and expand the web site without costly outside consultants. Woody’s services are worth so much more than he asks, and I appreciate the great effort he puts forth in producing such a fantastic representation of my business.

Norm Brekke, owner, healthy touch massage & wellness center

hiveWorking with Woody was such a joy! From the start, he spent plenty of time to get to know me and the vision I had for my business. He asked lots of questions and gathered information to create a website and logo that reflect the feel of my studio. He completed work in a timely manner and was always available when I needed assistance. I will definitely work with Woody again in the future and highly recommend him for all your web or logo needs!

Melissa Lopez
The Hive of Elyria (

odomA few weeks ago, my husband and I decided to launch a ministry website to provide resources for those who need them in their churches and in their personal lives. I requested a quote from someone who had built a professional website for my professional business, but then I decided to check out The Growing Practice and Woody Haiken’s web-building. Woody recently finished our ministry webpage, and we are thrilled with his work, his commitment, and his professionalism. I highly recommend Woody and The Growing Practice for anyone needing a business webpage.

Many people have the mentality that quality work must be expensive and complicated. Woody has a different philosophy about his work. He is affordable, and his work is quality-driven. I certainly appreciate his additional time to answer questions and help me through my own learning of the webpage functionality. I have used other web masters, and he dominates those in excellence and helpfulness to his clients. Would I use Woody again? ABSOLUTELY! I give him the highest accolades for his work for Odom Ministries.

Sarah B. Odom, PhD
Odom Ministries (

dharmaI couldn’t have asked for a better website developer than “The Growing Practice”. They were very professional and did a great job. I’m a small, new business but I was treated like a Fortune 500 company. My questions and input were always welcome and replied to right away. And what can I say about the photos Woody took of my products! They were awesome!! With good photos representing my products, I cannot fail. I gained a friend as well as a website developer. I highly recommend Woody Haiken. You will not be disappointed.

Michele Ficano

arcuriI learned of Woody from a Facebook ad for a Website. Initially apprehensive I decided to take the chance and I am thankful I did. Woody’s easygoing manner quickly put me at ease, and his intuitive listening skills allowed him to zero in on who I was and what I needed with what seemed like little more than rambling on my part. His first design was right on. The rest of our process was quick and smooth and I am more pleased than I ever imagined. His final training enabled me to easily develop my site further. I already have additional sites in mind. Woody will be the only designer/programmer I will call!

Thank you again!
Mark Arcuri PhD •

deltaI first heard about the Growing Practice and their deal that offered a logo and website, and contacted Woody Haiken right away. From our first conversation through to the present, I have been pleased and feel my money was very well spent. Woody is always very responsive to my questions, and quick to offer solutions and advice. His work is top notch professional and the final product was exactly what I envisioned. I have worked with other web designers in the past and have experienced a degree of “I know what’s best for you”, which resulted in a struggle and web design that didn’t work for me. Not the case, with Woody. He understood my vision was the important component and set out from day one to create the site I have been wanting for a decade. Woody Haiken gets my highest recommendation!

Delta Hunter,

bodybalanceI got more than I expected in creating my website with Woody.
In working together, Woody excels personally and professionally as a designer and Life Coach. As such, he provided an accurate, artistic expression of me and my business and easily navigated the technical side of web design.

Without question, Woody is accessible by phone or by email, which makes communication flow smoothly. And there is a lot of it! In addition, he conveys a level of warmth, understanding and knowledge, a rare combination in this field which makes working with him in website design both a pleasure and a success.

Margi S.,

waltWoody set up and designed all aspects of my three websites and I could not be more pleased. While we worked from a distance, he was able to quickly determine my needs and make them happen. He was extremely easy to deal with, was always very professional in his dealings, and delivered a very high quality product for a very fair price. From the launch of the websites to the present, he has remained available to help to update and problem solve for me, and for this I am truly grateful. Woody converted my previous site, a DIY disaster, and produced a professional product of which I continue to receive compliments. I would recommend Woody Haiken’s work without reservation.

Walt Fritz,

welllifeWhen I first asked Woody to create a logo for me and redesign my website, I knew I wanted something new and different, but I really couldn’t conceptualize what I wanted. Since I am very drawn to hummingbirds because of their beauty and their strength, I knew I wanted a hummingbird as part of the logo. As Woody and I talked and he got an sense of what I wanted, even better than I had, I left it up to him to come up with a fabulous design. And he did. The logo he designed for me was even more beautiful than I could have imagined.

And then he designed the website to complement the logo. What is so cool about the way Woody designs his websites is that he uses WordPress, which means that I can go in at any time to update the copy. I don’t need to keep going back to him every time the website needs to be changed. I highly recommend Woody’s work to anyone who wants to have a professionally designed logo and/or website at a very reasonable price.


Small Business Coaching Testimonials

When I signed up for Woody’s class on Get Clients Now, I was a brand new therapist with zero clients. Not only was I new to starting my own business, I had no clue where to start, or which techniques would be most effective. After my first meeting, I already had a well designed plan on where to begin and what strategies I was going to use. I went away with some great new ideas and I began to think outside the box on marketing. Woody also stressed the importance of setting specific goals in order to know how to reach them. Before the class I had estimated goals, but I left our first class with specific numbers I wanted to accomplish by the end of the seminar! Within the first week of practicing my new business strategies, I have collected 8 new clients and I still have 3 days to increase that number even more. I am sure that continuing these guidelines throughout my practice, I will reach my goals and even surpass them! The training does not end at the seminars. Woody is always available to help you through your questions and concerns. He gives you great ideas and gives you the confidence to face your weaknesses in building your own business. Thanks Woody for all of your advice and support!

Allison B

I highly recommend the Get Clients Now program to any therapist that owns their own practice, whether they are just starting out or have been in business for 20+ years. I am currently enrolled in the program and now I am finally EXCITED about marketing! I have a 2-year successful massage practice and am venturing into a new aspect of my business. The program has all of my new business thoughts and ideas ORGANIZED and I am no longer overwhelmed on what to do first in getting the new piece of my business going. The Get Clients Now program is so easy to follow and is anything but boring. I am looking forward to the coming weeks when I begin to implement the marketing actions I laid out for myself with the guidance of this program. I can even see now how this program can be repeated over and over to continue developing more and more business. Thank you Woody for all your continuous support.

Jessica K.

I recently took one of Woody’s free teleconference classes on Get Clients Now, I figured, what did I have to loose? its free! After being in the class, i felt more enthusiasm for actually getting out there and marketing myself, and event though I had a business in NYC and marketed it well there, I felt I still had a LOT to learn about successfully marketing myself. I signed up for the series of classes! Woody’s input and experience is really helping me be more structured and focused on my target market and also the goals and future of my business. Now i am seeing an even BIGGER picture of how i would like EarthySoul to be, Thank you! Looking forward to the results!

Eileen T.

Woody, I am so pleased and grateful for the work we are accomplishing through the coaching sessions. Your desire to listen, encourage, teach, uplift along with your compassion for a deep connection with people is refreshing and touches my heart. Each session leaves me excited about my work and feeling new levels of con…fidence that I simply did not even know existed! These coaching sessions are not only about my profession…they are enriching my personal life as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Namaste

Cassie Schuster, Texas

Woody is a great coach who was not afraid to push me toward success by helping me face my fears about marketing, while being completely supportive emotionally. He truly went the extra mile for me in taking the time needed to jumpstart my growth as a now more successful massage therapist. His marketing expertise along with a great understanding of human behavior helped me move swiftly toward my goal while creating the mindset needed for true personal growth.

Eric S., LMT Buffalo, NY

I like you wondered if investing 28 days in the program I knew little about would be useful for me and my want/need to grow my practice. I was lucky enough to sign up for a session with Woody that helped to change my mind almost instantly. I was so taken with his excitement for the program; his willingness to help a virtual stranger to become a successful business owner was enough to draw me in! I found myself challenged in the most supportive ways, with weekly calls for progress reports; he even added a one-on-one call with each participant just prior to the program start. This so clearly helped to ensure the best results from me and a much fuller understand of how the “Get Clients Now!” program worked. I’m very thankful for you Woody! You’ve helped me become a true marketer with no hesitation to go out and obtain exactly what I’m working towards. You will go far in your coaching career! Anyone willing to allow Woody to inspire them will truly be in awe of his infectious nature.

~ L. A. Rudisill