What Do You Think About Most of the Time?

What do you think about most of the time? Do you think about your dream practice? Do you think about how you need to get more clients? Do you think about ways to expand? Do you think about how you’re going to pay the rent? Do you think about becoming a future Massage Hall of Fame inductee? Do you think about the cost of the CE’s you HAVE to take for your next renewal?

Do you see the pattern here? We can either think from a place of lack and need, or we can think from a place of abundance. Whichever we think about most of the time, we will create. Nothing that was ever built or created was done so without first being a thought. If you do not think about your dream practice, it will never develop. It is your persistent thoughts that bring about your reality. This works both ways. What you worry about has a tendency to occur. What you obsessively fear, will likely manifest.

No business is built without risk-taking. All great accomplishments are done by stepping out of one’s comfort zone. If you think small, you will never become big.

I am certain that you’ve heard all this in the Secret. If you haven’t yet seen or read the Secret by Rhonda Byrnes, it is about time you do. It speaks of the Law of Attraction–one of the immutable laws of the Universe. We are energetic beings. Thoughts are energy. Everything we see or touch is made of energy. Energy has a frequency. Our thoughts will resonate with what we think about, and draw it toward us. If you are not sure if you can believe this, just think about the time you really, really wanted something–you wanted it so much that it is the only thing you ever thought about. It is pretty likely that you eventually had the very thing you thought about so intensely.

You can apply this to your practice. Think big! Okay, now bigger! Think about being a mentor to new massage therapists. Think about how that will raise the bar for the profession. Think about how, through those you train, you will reach even more clients through bodywork. This is what the Hall of Fame inductees have done. They became teachers, and in doing so, they have touched the lives of so many more people than if they kept a small, non-growing practice. Growth is the key. It is crucial to always be getting bigger. A growing tree will bear fruit. A tree that doesn’t grow will whither. In nature, it is grow or die. We are the same–without growing within, we stagnate. When we focus on growth, we grow, our practices grow. Abundance abounds.

With an abundant, growing practice you can go to Costa Rica the next time Erik Dalton is training there. You can learn Lomi Lomi in Hawaii. You can learn Thai massage in Thailand. You can turn your continuing education requirements into an adventure! With an abundant practice, you’ve eliminated worry and fear, because you’re living in abundance and prosperity. Only one thing needs to change to make this happen: Your Thoughts.

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3 Responses to What Do You Think About Most of the Time?

  1. Jayne Thomas says:

    Right on, Woody! No goal is unattainable. Believe in and then follow your dreams. Surround yourself with people who support and believe in your vision and go, Go, GO!!

  2. Shelley says:

    The concepts you wrote about are true about anything. You become what you believe.

  3. Congratulations on a great article. Building a Massage Therapy business takes daily focused action, positive thinking and commitment.
    Have a wonderful 2010!
    Dennis Stovall, LMT, NCBTMB

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