Your home page: a Virtual Lobby

Just as you keep your waiting room or your lobby clean and neat, you must do the same for your home page. Both are the first thing clients and prospective clients see. If your waiting room is cluttered and unclean, it reflects on you. The same goes for your home page.

If you are a massage therapist, your waiting area will set the mood for your client. It is serene, with calming colors and decor. It relaxes your client and gives the promise of more relaxation to come. While it is a reflection of you, it is decorated with the client in mind.

The same goes for a home page. It has to be a place that is pleasant for the visitor. It needs to be uncluttered, and most importantly, designed with the visitor in mind. A professionally-designed logo gives credibility to your practice. That coupled with a clean design, your site will make the all-important good first impression.

Benefits vs. Features
Someone does not come to your website to learn about you, but rather what you can do for them. It should share the benefits of your services rather than the features. Most websites talk about features. Again, using massage therapists as an example, many therapists list all their services on their home page along with their credentials. While this information is important, and should be in the site, it should not be on the home page. These are the features. However, if you talk about how the work you do will relieve chronic pain, or will leave the client relaxed and stress-free, then you’re sharing the benefits of your work.

Call to Action
If your site is not designed to have people leave something behind, then it is no different than a billboard. People see it very briefly and then go on their merry way without you even knowing they were there. This is why having something to give away in exchange for an email address is so important. Write an 8-page report on back pain or something relevant to your field. Then offer to send your report free to anyone who fills in an opt-in box on your site. Another great call to action is a button that enables the visitor to schedule an appointment. At the very least, have your phone number on your home page.

Your website
Give your website a look-over. Is it neat and orderly? Or is it a home-grown hodgepodge put together piecemeal? Do you have a professional logo? Does it convey the benefits of working with you? What do you have people do once they get to your website? Do you have a call to action? Is your site about you or about the client?

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